Anunnaki of Nibiru

Anunnaki of Nibiru

Lets go back to 2013 where it all began, I'm Gerald and I'll be guiding you through our true history.

Anunnaki of Nibiru
  • Nibiru, Bipedal Hybrid Mistake, Creeping in the Darkness

    Nibiru, Bipedal Hybrid Mistake, Creeping in the Darkness of ignorance as to what the eternal force we call gravity is and how it affects us at the earliest stages of development as a species. Did Enki and Nimah properly consider the difference in their facia bodies and those of the Neanderthal t...

  • Ziusudra-Noah King of Shuruppak: Anunnaki Healing City, Deluge Ark Site

    Shuruppak or Shuruppag (Sumerian: "The Healing Place") was an ancient Sumerian city situated about 35 miles south of Nippur on the banks of the Euphrates at the site of modern Tell Fara in Iraq's Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate.

    Latitude: 31° 46' 23.09" N
    Longitude: 45° 30' 21.08" E

    Not only is ...

  • Anunnaki Spaceport Sippar

    I was thinking today about the compete history of the planet according to the Anunnaki as discussed in George Smith's book "Chaldean Account of Genesis" while also considering the back of the envelope calculations I did to see when Nibiru would be in perhelion (rough guess) based on Robert Harrin...

  • Nibiru & Earth Change Updates - ARE WE CLOSE?

    Show Details:

    We have an easy way to test whether the orbital chart is to scale.

    1. The distance to Pluto to the Sun is 3.67 billion miles
    2. We have a linear measurement using the red line pointing to the orbital path of Pluto. It is 1.46 inches in the i...

  • 165 Capricorn Radio - Gerald Clark - Annunaki Chronicles

    James Swagger, author and host of Capricorn Radio, interviews Gerald Clark on his best-selling book "The Anunnaki of Nibiru: Mankind's Forgotten Creators, Enslavers, Destroyers, Saviors and Hidden Architects of The New World Order". Join the discussion!


  • Interview with Gerald Clark on the True Account of Humanity

    Christa Clark interviews Gerald Clark on the True Account of Humanity. Discussing our origins, the Anunnaki, the ongoing War of Light and Dark and much more!

    Interview Recorded 6.27.14

  • DOT Episode 1: The Anunnaki of Nibiru, A Consciousness War with Special Guests

    Jay Campbell from TRT Revolutions leads the discussion with Gerald Clark & Matthew LaCroix discussing the connections between The Anunnaki of Nibiru and the Illusion of Us with brilliant focused moderating by Jay who keeps the boat on coarse with his deep knowledge of the TRUTH.

    Topics Address...

  • Topic: UFO - Gerald Clark - The Anunnaki of Nibiru

    Researcher and author Gerald Clark gives us a crash course on the subjects of the Anunnaki, Nibiru and how the human race came to be on this planet we call Earth.

  • Soul Sisters EMC2 ,The Anunnaki of Nibiru with Gerald Clark

    Soul Sisters EMC2 Reviews The Anunnaki of Nibiru book with Gerald Clark Episode 3.

    Christa Clark hosts this very special show as part of their brainiac development program to get BIG ON EM. Monica Diaz and Erica Vetra along with Christa read my first book and got together to review it for the...

  • Gerald Clark dialog with Angeal Rose & Ohana on The Anunnaki of Nibiru

    Published on Jun 2, 2014

    Based on Gerald Clark's book The Annunaki of Nibiru - Mankind's Forgotten Creators, Enslavers, Destroyers, Saviors and Hidden Architects of the New World Order.

    Many historical and scriptural findings not included in the Canonical Bible, have now come to light. Acce...

  • Anunnaki of Nibiru introductory interview with Gerald Clark 2014