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  • How is the Khazarian Mafia Influencing President Trump?

    While tracing my Jewish family lineage back to Minsk Russia, I discovered one of the most occult truths imaginable relative to the Khazars, Marduk and the Babylonian Talmud. The Zionist movement was started in Minsk Russia in 1884 six years before my great great grandfather, Herschel Hayutin, ...

  • KCOR Hyperspace Solaris BlueRaven with Gerald Clark

    We spent a significant time relating human bio-field data with the constructs provided from various sources to explore the limits of humans as co-creators of the Creator of All. Thus, after the maximum human energy equation is detailed, we delve into the concept of OOBE and life after death to n...

  • KCOR Interview with Solaris Blueraven featuring Gerald Clark

    KCOR Digital Radio Network

    April 21, 2017 Hyperspace hosted by Solaris BlueRaven. This week's guest was Gerald R. Clark...come hear him talk about the Anunnaki. Think you know the truth well this two hours might just blow your mind.

  • How is the Soul Related to Light?

    Recorded 11/23/2017 on Thanksgiving Day, Gerald Clark gives a brand new show discussing how the Soul is Related to Light. Join your host, Gerald Clark of 7th Planet Broadcasting in a BRAND NEW show, PREMIUM content where Human Souls are Seeking the Light with Gerald Clark!