Odyssey Ki Game Development

Odyssey Ki Game Development

ODKI ia an action RPG game designed to bring the story of the Anunnaki to a large audience.

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Odyssey Ki Game Development
  • Odyssey Ki Update 12.15.18

    After taking a break from writing the game design document (7 levels and 19 missions) decided to resume some feature development while networking and looking to assemble a team to take this effort to the goal line. Added FPS mode, aim point, red-blue team identifiers, and some melee opposition i...

  • ODKI Game Update 11.3.18

    This quick ODKI game demo was put together to feature a previous song written by Riche for the Odyssey Ki Screen Play. His new song "Purgatory Pass" will be added to this game for this mission as well after creating an animation suitble for the song. Thanks again to Richie Barron for his time and...

  • Ekur Fortress and The Revenant

    www.odysseyki.com inspired a game, this is it. Odyssey Ki, under development.

  • Odyssey Ki Game Preview Level 1

    Demo of what the character can do thus far and the HUD interface progress. Terrain model is huge and was merely a rendering test.

  • ODKI Game Development Status 9.28.18

    Inside peek at the development underway to create ODKI the game.

  • ODKI Game Demo 10_01_18

  • ODKI_GAME_UPDATE_10.04.18

    Lots of progress since the last update. I am now ready to start adding some game play tactics.

    OPFOR running their own blueprint (minimal so far) enables live rounds fired.

    Added Movie widget to the HUD
    Added Countdown timer (programmable)
    Added Scoring system and target points
    Added Tu...

  • ODKI Game State 10_21_18