Watch this video and more on GeraldClark77

Watch this video and more on GeraldClark77

Odyssey Ki Update 12.15.18

Odyssey Ki Game Development – 8m 5s

Up Next in Odyssey Ki Game Development

  • ODKI Game Update 11.3.18

    This quick ODKI game demo was put together to feature a previous song written by Riche for the Odyssey Ki Screen Play. His new song "Purgatory Pass" will be added to this game for this mission as well after creating an animation suitble for the song. Thanks again to Richie Barron for his time and...

  • Ekur Fortress and The Revenant inspired a game, this is it. Odyssey Ki, under development.

  • Odyssey Ki Game Preview Level 1

    Demo of what the character can do thus far and the HUD interface progress. Terrain model is huge and was merely a rendering test.