Watch this video and more on GeraldClark77

Watch this video and more on GeraldClark77

ODKI Game State 10_21_18

Odyssey Ki Movie • 10m

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  • ODKI Game Development Status 9.28.18

    Inside peek at the development underway to create ODKI the game.

  • Odyssey Ki Game Preview Level 1

    Demo of what the character can do thus far and the HUD interface progress. Terrain model is huge and was merely a rendering test.

  • Great Dragon Poimander Meets Agents o...

    Yesterday was contacted by a gentleman from a large video gaming organization, one of the largest in the world. Perhaps they have interest in seeing the Odyssey Ki Screenplay made into a series of games then a movie like Halo. Anyway, in my excitement this morning decided to play with some animat...