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Gerald Clark, best-selling author, is revealing ancient truths and connecting the dots on a grand scale in his 7th Planet Broadcasting! Now offering new premium content with more coming!

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7th Planet Broadcasting
  • Poimander Divine Vision of Hermes

    Join Gerald in a reading and commentary on the divine vision of Hermes taken from Manley P. Hall's book "The Secret Teachings of All Ages." The effects and CGI additions really bring this to life with Gerald's exclusive commentary.

  • Babylonian Talmud, Zionism, Banksters, Deep State Opposition?

    This video points out the real collusion going on in America with the POTUS. This is not the path we want for the future, a nation ruled in proxy by DARK forces that have hijacked the nation on behalf of Lucifer-Marduk under the label of Zionism.

    Trump and the Jews https://youtu.b...

  • How is the Khazarian Mafia Influencing President Trump?

    While tracing my Jewish family lineage back to Minsk Russia, I discovered one of the most occult truths imaginable relative to the Khazars, Marduk and the Babylonian Talmud. The Zionist movement was started in Minsk Russia in 1884 six years before my great great grandfather, Herschel Hayutin, ...

  • 4D Exopolitical Chess Analysis with Gerald Clark 12.11.17

    Premium Content 7th Planet Broadcasting 12.11.17
    4D Exopolitical Chess Analysis with Gerald Clark

    Greetings, this is Gerald Clark with you today on December 10th 2017. Today's video will explore more of the exopolitical events that are taking place at a rapid pace in the headlines.


  • Are the Anunnaki influencing President Trump?

    Join in a 4D Chess Analysis of current events, including who could be guiding President Trump. This was a morning conversation recorded over coffee on 12/8/17. With that said, I'm formulating more and expect to share more on the topic.

    Special thanks to Christa for the awesome video...

  • The Mayan 5th Sun and Ascension Timing with Gerald Clark

    The Mayan calendar implications for a 5th Sun and subsequent universal consciousness is coupled with a fascinating analysis of the Sun's current activity and a document written by a participant in the Montauk time travel experiments. The synthesized view has massive implications for all of human...

  • How is the Soul Related to Light?

    Recorded 11/23/2017 on Thanksgiving Day, Gerald Clark gives a brand new show discussing how the Soul is Related to Light. Join your host, Gerald Clark of 7th Planet Broadcasting in a BRAND NEW show, PREMIUM content where Human Souls are Seeking the Light with Gerald Clark!

  • Threat Briefing for All Humanity Analysis with Gerald Clark

    Published on Nov 15, 2017

    As a follow-up to the previous briefing, I wanted to attempt to create my best overview of the complex alien relationships and the introduction of a hypothetical chess board to see how to best make sense of what is going down right now. And, if you are watching, the N...

  • Threat Briefing for All Humanity with Gerald Clark

    Published on Nov 9, 2017

    I was perusing some of my research notebooks the other day and a thick article "Threats to Human Freedom" jumped out at me and got my attention. I first read this document circa 2005 and tucked the data away in my memory. After flipping through it, realized many were ...

  • NWO AI BRAIN: Cortronic Neural Networks with Gerald Clark

    7th Planet Broadcasting Episode 021 NWO AI BRAIN: Cortronic Neural Networks with Gerald Clark

    Spend 7 minutes and Gerald Clark will explain how the human brain is modeled in software termed Cortronic Neural Networks. I wanted to thank Dr. Robert H. Neilson, my awesome visiting professor of ...

  • Enki's Timely Guidance for Facing Evil, Tyranny, and ELE

    7th Planet Broadcasting 016: Enki's Timely Guidance for Facing Evil, Tyranny, and ELE

    As part of repackaging material to make it more available to a broader number of folks, I decided to convert this anonymous message from the past into an upgraded version read by yours truly and annotated wi...

  • Gerald Clark and Vatican Expert Confirm Anunnaki as Man's Genetic Creators!

    7th Planet Broadcasting Episode 009 with Gerald Clark and Rex Bear at the Leak Project.

    Vatican insider and biblical linguist and translator Mauro Biglino's work is discussed with Rex Bear at the Leak Project. It is astounding to see the original Maserite Hebrew texts translated by Mauro for ...

  • Nibiru Size, Marduk in Africa and Slave Gold Delivery with Gerald Clark

    7th Planet Broadcasting Episode 005:
    Nibiru , Marduk in Africa, & Slave Gold Delivery with Gerald Clark on Leak Project

    VM Rambolu wrote book about Herculobus ,1998 Spanish

    “This planet is called by different names: Hercolubus, Baal, Wormwood, Ajenjo, ... so called by the sages of antiqu...

  • Gerald Clark and Leak Project, Facing Death - No Fear

    This is Gerald Clark and today is June 25, 2016. This is episode 004 for the 7th Planet Broadcasting station.

    I’d like to do an introduction to the dialogue that follows and was conducted between myself and Rex Bear from the Leak Project. Here are the talking points in the dialog.
    • Resp...

  • Marduk = Nibiru Arrival Declared! with Gerald Clark

    This is Episode 003 with 7th Planet Broadcasting hosted by Gerald Clark. Here are some of the topics discussed today.

    Headlines and Questions
    • Marduk is the offspring of Enki and Damkina. Isis-Ninmah and Innana-Hathor fought over planetary affiliation for Venus. ...

  • The Human Antenna, Energy, and Consciousness with Gerald Clark

    7th Planet Broadcasting Episode 007
    The Human Antenna, Energy, and Consciousness with Gerald Clark

    During the last episode, Jay, Matt, and I discussed the war over human consciousness that was at the forefront from our Anunnaki chimera beginnings enslaved as primitive workers in the South Afr...

  • Nibiru, Palmyra, Giza & Lucifer's Return with Gerald Clark

    This is the second episode of my broadcast from the 7th Planet. The news is covered as it relates to some of the Anunnaki players that are still here on Earth. An important update on what is going on with ancient artifact and site destruction provides a peek behind the wizard's curtain with his...

  • The Alchemy Path of the Treasure Seeker with Gerald Clark and Matt LaCroix

    7th Planet Broadcast Episode 020 The Alchemy Path of the Treasure Hunters

    Mattew LaCroix and I have been working closely together on the Anunnaki Genesis Screen Play which is now in final draft formatting. Very excited to see this project come to fruition telling one of mankind's most importa...

  • The Anunnaki, African Gold, Collapse of the Petro-Dollar, and Ebola Crisis!

    The Anunnaki, African Gold, Collapse of the Petro-Dollar, and Ebola Crisis!

    Just when you thought you had the Ebola scare correlated with the Immigration crisis, another piece of the puzzle falls into place. Enki's assigned domain, Africa, is under assault by his opposing forces represented b...

  • DOT Episode 1: The Anunnaki of Nibiru, A Consciousness War with Special Guests

    Jay Campbell from TRT Revolutions leads the discussion with Gerald Clark & Matthew LaCroix discussing the connections between The Anunnaki of Nibiru and the Illusion of Us with brilliant focused moderating by Jay who keeps the boat on coarse with his deep knowledge of the TRUTH.

    Topics Address...

  • DOT Episode 3 War on Masculinity and Biological Systems

    7th Planet Broadcasting Episode 10 July 20th, 2016

    We discuss the various assaults on masculinity with Jay Campbell from TRT Revolution, along with Matthew LaCroix, and Gerald Clark.

    Topics Covered:

    • Quick summary of Jay's book and why Hormonal Optimization is Important
    • The War on ...

  • DOT Episode 4: Where Will We be in 6 Months? Q&A with the Truth Posse

    7th Planet Broadcasting Episode 012

    A panel discussion composed of Gerald Clark, Jay Campbell, Rex Bear and Matthew LaCroix answer subscriber questions to include some key symbols of the Anunnaki and how they are being manipulated for public control. Each is given the opportunity to share wha...

  • DOT Episode 6 with Enlightened Teacher from Dharamshala India

    7th Planet Broadcast Episode 018 Decoders of Truth with Special guest from Dharamshala India

    (Decoders of Truth Podcast Episode 007)

    Gerald Clark, Jay Campbell, Matt LaCroix, and Marleen Reynaert from Dharmshala, India join together in a mind melding discussion of the deepest spiritual matt...

  • Soul Sisters EMC2 ,The Anunnaki of Nibiru with Gerald Clark

    Soul Sisters EMC2 Reviews The Anunnaki of Nibiru book with Gerald Clark Episode 3.

    Christa Clark hosts this very special show as part of their brainiac development program to get BIG ON EM. Monica Diaz and Erica Vetra along with Christa read my first book and got together to review it for the...