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Gerald Clark, best-selling author, is revealing ancient truths and connecting the dots on a grand scale in his 7th Planet Broadcasting! Now offering new premium content with more coming!

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7th Planet Broadcasting
  • Headlines with a Brain EP2.pdf

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  • Headlines with a Brain EP1.pdf

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  • Nibiru, Bipedal Hybrid Mistake, Creeping in the Darkness

    Nibiru, Bipedal Hybrid Mistake, Creeping in the Darkness of ignorance as to what the eternal force we call gravity is and how it affects us at the earliest stages of development as a species. Did Enki and Nimah properly consider the difference in their facia bodies and those of the Neanderthal t...

  • Ziusudra-Noah King of Shuruppak: Anunnaki Healing City, Deluge Ark Site

    Shuruppak or Shuruppag (Sumerian: "The Healing Place") was an ancient Sumerian city situated about 35 miles south of Nippur on the banks of the Euphrates at the site of modern Tell Fara in Iraq's Al-Qādisiyyah Governorate.

    Latitude: 31° 46' 23.09" N
    Longitude: 45° 30' 21.08" E

    Not only is ...

  • Anunnaki Spaceport Sippar

    I was thinking today about the compete history of the planet according to the Anunnaki as discussed in George Smith's book "Chaldean Account of Genesis" while also considering the back of the envelope calculations I did to see when Nibiru would be in perhelion (rough guess) based on Robert Harrin...

  • Gravity Body Academy: Zechariah Lange Video Perspective

    Zech Lange put this video together while attending the Gravity Body Academy Class of 2019-1 straight after his pro fight on One Championship in Singapore. He trains out of Bali, Indonesia.
    Thanks for the video homie, and for being a part of this movement!


  • What Gravity Body Academy Students Experience: Testimonials class 2019-1

    The GBA camera crew made the rounds during class to see what the students had to say about their experience thus far with us for the class of 2019-1.

  • Christa Clark Leads GBA Class with Yoga and Gravity Synthesis

    From left to right: Gerald Clark, Lori Ivey, Justin Pilcher, Omar Oweida, Jerome Puetz, Christa Clark. We need the rest of the class to participate next week to include Jesus Valencia and Irvin Douglas and Zecharia Lange. Christa mixes gravity synthesis routines invented at GBA with Yoga to em...

  • Gravity Body Sneak Peak Jalisco, MX

    2019-1 finishes April 5th. The next class will be held May 20th -June 20th. See www.gravitybodyacademy.com for event details.

  • ClientView4.0 Before and After for SI Sessions 4 and 5

    Jesus Valencia before and after images compared from structural integration sessions 4 and 5. He is making great progress. We did session 6 today. ClientView4.0 is free to students of GBA. Our March 4th class is coming up soon, we still have some room so those of you inclined, now is your cha...

  • SI Client Describes Process Thus Far

    I ask Jesus to describe his experience in Spanish, his responses are in Spanish, so added some captions in English. The process is working, getting his fascial layers more malleable so that gravity can find its way thru his structure.

  • Where is My Gravity Line? El Dragon Describes the Process

    Gravity Body Academy presents a structural analysis BEFORE and AFTER comparison for Structural Integration session 3.
    Jesus (El Dragon) Valencia is the model for the work today. He has a Quetzalcoatl serpent tattoo so shared a version of a winged serpent I created a while back in iClone animat...

  • What Posture Changes are Possible with Functional Feet?

    The video captures some of the process and before after analysis for Gravity Body Academy Structural Integration session 2 with Jesus Valencia. Put yourself in front of the grid chart and imagine what you would experience as a client.

    Now imagine helping others in a similar fashion. ...

  • Is the Body Malleable Plastic, You Decide after 1 SI Session

    With the onsite classes approaching for the Gravity Body Academy Structural Integration school starting March 4th, 2019, seemed like time to share what to expect. One of the local students that wants to learn SI, Jesus Valencia, gets his first taste of the work at age 19.

    We do a quick intro...

  • Soto Zen, Reincarnation, Buddha and the 8-way path out of the Matrix

    Today Julian Polzin and I catch up on some very lively topics and answer some of the questions from our last dialog. We discuss a wide range of topics and synthesize the viewpoints from a scientific and psychotherapy perspective. We have all had past lives and the extent to which we learn our l...

  • Military Intel and Monroe Institute Gateway Experience 2

  • Military Intel and Monroe Institute Gateway Experience 1

  • Declassifed UFO Briefing CIA NICAP 1964


    UFOs are spacecraft under intelligent control
    Occupants are extraterrestrials
    Public not told for many reasons, we cover them
    Welcome to the Matrix Reality

  • Premium Channel Status Update

    Los Anunnaki de Nibiru new book published and now available. GBA Structural Charts are now here and we ordered one to have on hand for classes during the March 4th Event with us in Mexico. A new video was also uploaded. The topic is CIA declassified docs involving all sorts of stuff, including...

  • Did LASCO get Rocked by a Solar Ejection?

    While looking at LASCO C2, C3 verified that the "laser collimated line" was probably caused by the camera arm.

    During the analysis, noted that suddenly in the middle of the stream recording, an energetic sensor overload appears to happen changing the focal point for LASCO C2 while overw...

  • Is the Sun about to Micro Nova?

    fter noting the NIAC announcing to the US to be ready for 6+ month power outages as of December 2018 (EMP or Solar Storm), thought it was time to take a look at what the sun is up to given my understanding that our whole solar system is headed for the galactic plane where massive debris and dust ...

  • Could SI launch your Freight Train to Consciousness Evolution?

    Join us in a discussion about the process by which the human body begins to unwind and adapt to the gravity field. Betty Steel, Gerald and Christa Clark discuss the recent structural integration work that was experienced in NY. Betty recently underwent a structural integration 10-series having ...

  • Gerald and Julian Dialog: Mental Slavery

  • Anunnaki and Slavery in Odyssey Ki

    Readings from the Anunnaki of Nibiru and Odyssey Ki bring the issue to the forefront, where advanced meets primitive cultures. I mention the book "Guns, Germs, and Steel" by Prof. Jared Diamond showing what results as societies at different levels meet. We are the indigenous to advanced species...