Watch this video and more on GeraldClark77

Watch this video and more on GeraldClark77

Gerald and Julian Dialog: Mental Slavery

7th Planet Broadcasting – 1h 26m

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    Atlantis sinking and Thoth being ordered to go to Egypt to share the preserved records of Atlantis there.

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    Excerpt taken from The 7th Planet Mercury Rising page 260 from Emerald Tablet 9: The Key of Freedom of Space. Designed, animated, and narrated by Gerald Clark.

  • Thoth Disperses KHEM Priests

    Thoth and the history of Atlantis with CGI animation of Thoth discussing Emerald Tablet 1 as it relates to the land of Khem (Egypt) Excerpt from my second book "The 7th Planet Mercury Rising" page 165. Designed and produced by Gerald Clark.

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