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Watch this video and more on GeraldClark77

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  • Did LASCO get Rocked by a Solar Eject...

    While looking at LASCO C2, C3 verified that the "laser collimated line" was probably caused by the camera arm.

    During the analysis, noted that suddenly in the middle of the stream recording, an energetic sensor overload appears to happen changing the focal point for LASCO C2 while overw...

  • Is the Sun about to Micro Nova?

    fter noting the NIAC announcing to the US to be ready for 6+ month power outages as of December 2018 (EMP or Solar Storm), thought it was time to take a look at what the sun is up to given my understanding that our whole solar system is headed for the galactic plane where massive debris and dust ...

  • ODKI Game Development Status 9.28.18

    Inside peek at the development underway to create ODKI the game.