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  • Military Intel and Monroe Institute Gateway Experience 1

  • Is the Sun about to Micro Nova?

    fter noting the NIAC announcing to the US to be ready for 6+ month power outages as of December 2018 (EMP or Solar Storm), thought it was time to take a look at what the sun is up to given my understanding that our whole solar system is headed for the galactic plane where massive debris and dust ...

  • Anunnaki and Slavery in Odyssey Ki

    Readings from the Anunnaki of Nibiru and Odyssey Ki bring the issue to the forefront, where advanced meets primitive cultures. I mention the book "Guns, Germs, and Steel" by Prof. Jared Diamond showing what results as societies at different levels meet. We are the indigenous to advanced species...

  • Gerald Clark Update 6.27.18

    Gerald Clark Status Update 6.27.18. Also wanted to announce a new series for premium content which I failed to mention, a seven (7) Episode Series on Alchemy.

    Be sure to check out the paradigm shifting new school Gravity Body Structural Academy offered here as a product online.

  • Gravity Body Academy Preview

  • Gerald Clark Status Update


    YTube Blocked
    Discussion about Death with Mom
    GravityBody Academy Update

  • Solar System Helical Obit and Satellites

    This is the prototype simulation that will eventually include our whole solar system scaled traversing the galactic center. It will get more interesting when the Final Theory Documentary gets underway with Roland Tremblay. Several animations will be included in the documentary.

    Music Credit...

  • Gravity Series Episode 5: Gravity and You

    Irrespective of what gravity is, we can model its effects on matter including ourselves. In this final episode I share some very deep knowledge about relating the human body to the gravity field such that the concept of being at war with it as John Mayer sings about in his song Gravity comes to ...

  • Jay Campbell Interviews Gerald Clark

    We dialog about the following topics:
    Trump, Q-Anon, and the Khazar Connection
    Summary Abrahamic Religion Overview
    Thoth Updates and Ascension Science
    Gravity, Physics, and Atomic Expansion Theory
    and many others.

  • Gravity Series Episode 4: Search for Gravity Waves

    In this episode, an investigation into LIGO, the Laser Interferometer Gravity wave Observation test setup is investigated. The assumptions about what gravity is and how it can be measured expose a great deal about the lack of understanding about what the effect we call gravity is. According to s...

  • Gravity Series Episode 3: Final Theory Part 3

    This video supplement was created with diagrams for the Final Theory discussion on Gravity in the last Episode. Hope this level of detail helps those that are interested.

  • Gravity Series Episode 3: Final Theory Part 2

    Roland is an astute student of The Final Theory and is expanding on the book to include other 3 added domains in "The New Physics: The Theory of Everything" due out soon. We focus on the comparison between the old physics and understanding atomic expansion theory applied to the four recognized ...

  • Gravity Series Episode 3: Final Theory Part 1

    Roland is an astute student of The Final Theory and is expanding on the book to include other 3 added domains in "The New Physics: The Theory of Everything" due out soon. We focus on the comparison between the old physics and understanding atomic expansion theory applied to the four recognized ...

  • Gravity Series Episode 2: Gravity Pioneers

    The fundamental gravity theory from Newton and Einstein are detailed, along with some of the visuals used to understand the General Relativity Theory of Gravity.

    Kerala School of Astronomy and Math

    Rishi Kanada Vedic ...

  • Gravity Series Episode 1: What is Gravity?

    Series begins with first episode titled What is Gravity and uses a song from pop culture by John Mayer as an illustration of how disconnected we are with this infinite force.
    John Mayer song “Gravity”

    Weightlessness and its Effects on Astronauts

  • Skewed Perception and Identity Crisis

    Many folks are discovering the influences imparted to humanity by the Anunnaki, to include the concept of oversouls and archetypes. This presentation examines a few perspectives regarding this sensitive topic. How many folks have you encountered that are struggling with an identity crisis blurr...

  • Thoth's Protection Against Darkness

    Further clarity is added to who the cycle masters are and what Thoth teaches about using them to help prevent darkness from overtaking you. The third show in the Series is title Personality Crisis, in which the boundaries for avatar animation are explored.

  • Rings, Governors, and the Soul's Path

    This video details the affiliation of the Chakras with the seven governors from Poimander and the seven cycle masters from Thoth. See you at the 8th Sphere, I will be in a hammock

  • Marduk-Lucifer Unveiled

    This is Gerald Clark on behalf of 7th Planet Broadcasting. Today's show is titled 'Marduk-LuciferUnveiled"

    Genealogy Table Son of Enki, born on Nibiru
    As we see on the Anunnaki Genealogy Table, Marduk is the first born son of Enki and Damkina, his wife. If true, then Marduk was not in line ...

  • How to have an OOBE?

    For this premium content video, the focus is placed on how to have an Out of Body Experience. Material taken from the 7th Planet Mercury Rising. my second book, page 134. The process for having an OOBE is detailed along with a CGI Animation of the separation process.

  • Poimander Divine Vision of Hermes

    Join Gerald in a reading and commentary on the divine vision of Hermes taken from Manley P. Hall's book "The Secret Teachings of All Ages." The effects and CGI additions really bring this to life with Gerald's exclusive commentary.

  • Announcing Premium Content with Gerald Clark

    Greetings all, this is Gerald Clark on November 24th, 2017. Recently the efforts to complete the trailer for screen play "Odyssey Ki" were transitioned to the next phase, marketing. Thus, the GoFundMe campaign will continue to facilitate completing the movie making goal. Since writing my firs...

  • The Mayan 5th Sun and Ascension Timing with Gerald Clark

    The Mayan calendar implications for a 5th Sun and subsequent universal consciousness is coupled with a fascinating analysis of the Sun's current activity and a document written by a participant in the Montauk time travel experiments. The synthesized view has massive implications for all of human...

  • Are the Anunnaki influencing President Trump?

    Join in a 4D Chess Analysis of current events, including who could be guiding President Trump. This was a morning conversation recorded over coffee on 12/8/17. With that said, I'm formulating more and expect to share more on the topic.

    Special thanks to Christa for the awesome video...