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Military Intel and Monroe Institute Gateway Experience 1

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  • Is the Sun about to Micro Nova?

    fter noting the NIAC announcing to the US to be ready for 6+ month power outages as of December 2018 (EMP or Solar Storm), thought it was time to take a look at what the sun is up to given my understanding that our whole solar system is headed for the galactic plane where massive debris and dust ...

  • Anunnaki and Slavery in Odyssey Ki

    Readings from the Anunnaki of Nibiru and Odyssey Ki bring the issue to the forefront, where advanced meets primitive cultures. I mention the book "Guns, Germs, and Steel" by Prof. Jared Diamond showing what results as societies at different levels meet. We are the indigenous to advanced species...

  • Gerald Clark Update 6.27.18

    Gerald Clark Status Update 6.27.18. Also wanted to announce a new series for premium content which I failed to mention, a seven (7) Episode Series on Alchemy.

    Be sure to check out the paradigm shifting new school Gravity Body Structural Academy offered here as a product online.