Odyssey Ki Movie

Odyssey Ki Movie

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Odyssey Ki Movie
  • ODKI Game State 10_21_18

  • ODKI Game Development Status 9.28.18

    Inside peek at the development underway to create ODKI the game.

  • Odyssey Ki Game Preview Level 1

    Demo of what the character can do thus far and the HUD interface progress. Terrain model is huge and was merely a rendering test.

  • Great Dragon Poimander Meets Agents of Darkness

    Yesterday was contacted by a gentleman from a large video gaming organization, one of the largest in the world. Perhaps they have interest in seeing the Odyssey Ki Screenplay made into a series of games then a movie like Halo. Anyway, in my excitement this morning decided to play with some animat...

  • Odyssey Ki Music Video Richie Barron

  • Gerald Clark and Richie Barron Discuss Anunnaki, Music, Movie

    Meet Richie Barron, the Vallejo, CA resident and legend in the music industry. We chat about various inspirations and how we see the world from an Anunnaki perspective.

    The video linked below has the song versions that Richie has written and recorded. Anunnaki Came for Gold and Princess Be...

  • Odyssey Ki Screen Play Update

    Odyssey Ki Screen Play is now published in paperback form on Amazon.com and is also available on my website store as a PDF with links to the videos stored online. Anyone that purchases the paperback version will receive the secret character translation list to actual Anunnaki names as well as the...

  • Gerald Clark Previews Anunnaki Screenplay Odyssey Ki

    After several years writing, re-writing, and creating CGI animations for nine months leading to 3 trailers, finally published the Odyssey Ki screen play which is based on my first book "The Anunnaki of Nibiru".

    Richie Barron has been instrumental (pun intended) producing two songs in trailers...