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Military Intel and Monroe Institute Gateway Experience 1

7th Planet Broadcasting • 46m

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  • Declassifed UFO Briefing CIA NICAP 1964


    UFOs are spacecraft under intelligent control
    Occupants are extraterrestrials
    Public not told for many reasons, we cover them
    Welcome to the Matrix Reality

  • Premium Channel Status Update

    Los Anunnaki de Nibiru new book published and now available. GBA Structural Charts are now here and we ordered one to have on hand for classes during the March 4th Event with us in Mexico. A new video was also uploaded. The topic is CIA declassified docs involving all sorts of stuff, including...

  • Did LASCO get Rocked by a Solar Eject...

    While looking at LASCO C2, C3 verified that the "laser collimated line" was probably caused by the camera arm.

    During the analysis, noted that suddenly in the middle of the stream recording, an energetic sensor overload appears to happen changing the focal point for LASCO C2 while overw...