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Mind & Body

Yoga, Structural Integration, Meditation, Gravity Synthesis Routines ... stay tuned for more.

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Mind & Body
  • Restorative Yoga for Fascial Freedom w/Gerald's Gravity Synthesis Routines

    Breathe light into your body, mind and spirit, add flexibility, and gain fascial freedom in this new restorative yoga class designed by Christa.

    What is fascia? Fascia is connective tissue that is found all over your body, everywhere! Structural Integration, aka Rolfing awakens fascia and alig...

  • Babaji, Jesus, Ascended Masters, Anunnaki

  • Gerald and Julian Dialog 10.10.18

  • Gravity Synthesis Routine 1 of 5: Self Pelvic Lift

    A self pelvic lift is something you can do daily, relaxing into this posture from 1 to 15 minutes. Gerald Clark walks you through how to do a self pelvic lift while Christa demonstrates. Enjoy the benefits.

  • Gravity Synthesis Routine 2 of 5: Arm Rotations

    Arm Rotations can be done daily enjoying the benefits of having your shoulder blades come onto the ground. This can be repeated throughout the day. Gerald Clark walks you through each step of the arm rotations while Christa demo's.

  • Gravity Synthesis Routine 4 of 5: How to Sit

    We all sit down but how we sit can make a world of a difference in our day to day life. Learn how to sit properly with Gerald's guidance and Christa's presentation.

  • Gravity Synthesis Routine 3 of 5: Leg Rotations

    Leg Rotations can be done daily to find straight legs. Gerald Clark walks you through each step of the leg rotations while Christa follows along.

  • Thoth's Protection Against Darkness

    Further clarity is added to who the cycle masters are and what Thoth teaches about using them to help prevent darkness from overtaking you. The third show in the Series is title Personality Crisis, in which the boundaries for avatar animation are explored.

  • Merkaba Meditation with CGI EFX

    This is the official 17 breath MerKaBa meditation as taught by Drunvalo Melchizedek in his book series The Ancient Secrets of the Flower of Life. Each Chakra illuminates during the clearing breaths and the energy center effects help visualize the energy felt during this meditation. The goal is ...

  • Yoga with Gerald and Christa, Now Stretch...

    Christa and I regularly do our version of Yoga and wanted to share one of our routines with those of you inclined to seek a better relationship with gravity. We will begin adding more of these to our premium content channels so you can join us regularly for a variety of movement repatterning rout...